Wolf Blass Gold Label Cabernet


ลัง 12 ขวด - 11200 บาท


Categories : Wine Wolf Blass


Wolf Blass

Shiraz/Syrah · Cabernet Sauvignon


Regional styles
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

Food pairing
Beef · Lamb · Poultry

Wolf Blass Gold Label Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon is a generous, smoothly textured red wine with an aromatic nose of mulberry, blackcurrant, chocolate and delicate mint, with subtle notes of cedar oak, olive, and light, dried tobacco.

A fragrant, intensely varietal nose showing warm compote of red and dark berry fruits, with mulberry, chocolate, delicate mint, and ripe blackcurrants. It is unscored by subtle notes of cedar oak, olive, and ight dried tobacco beautifully melding with the varietal fruit aromas.

PALATE A generous, medium to full bodied, smoothly textured palate with intense varietal and regional flavors of red berries, mulberry, dark chocolate and ripe blackcurrant. Moderate use of new French oak and gentle maturation has contributed subtle oak influences, which are beautifully integrated and harmonious, adding to the superb balance shown in this wine

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