Absolut Karnival Edition 1.0L (40% Vol.)


(Case 12 Bottles 8800)


Categories : Vodka Absolut


ABV - 40% Vol.

Flavour - cereal, citrus fruit, floral, fruit, wheat

With Absolut Taste of Karnival the vodka experts of Absolut offer us another masterpiece from their gigantic product catalogue. It pays tribute to the colourful and lascivious character of Latin America's carnival. For the Absolut Karnival's design, the famous vodka brand cooperated with the Brazilian graphic novel artist Rafael Grampá, who granted the bottle an adequate design depicting a carnival procession. Regarding its taste, the spirit shines with a tropical aroma of passion fruit and orange blossoms, which is perfectly carried by the iconic vodka's impeccable drinking sensation.

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